Bacon Wars!

Feast of the Noble Pig!

Me and Leroy
Here’s the pig we served that day!

1st Course

Tarts of egg cheese and bacon

Eggs, phyllo dough, parsley, swiss cheese, bacon, cream, basil

Assorted stuffed Mushrooms

Mushroom 1

Butter, onions, bacon, cheddar cheese, bread crumbs

Mushroom 2

Pork sausage, cream cheese, parsley

Bacon wrapped green beans

Bacon, green beans, Worcestershire sauce, butter soy sauce

Stuffed Bacon Dates

Dates, cream cheese, bacon

2nd Course

 Whole Roasted Pig


Fresh Bread w/ bacon butter

Bread, Bacon, butter, honey

Braised red cabbage with apples and Hazelnuts

Cabbage, bacon, green apples, onions, apple cider, balsamic Vinegar, sugar, hazelnuts

Armored Turnips

Turnips, rutabagas , cheese, cream cheese, butter, onions, garlic

3rd Course

Frozen Cream with bacon, almonds and roasted sugar

Vanilla Ice cream, bacon, almonds, roasted sugar sauce

Apple and bacon tartlets

Pie crust (butter, flour, salt, sugar) , apples cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, lemon juice, flour, brown sugar, bacon

Candied Bacon

Bacon, Brown sugar, pepper